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It has been awhile since my last post and there are a few good reasons for this. The first reason has been the unseasonably warm temperatures experienced in March and the early Spring, which has made for some excellent fishing opportunities. It has been an unusual year and with low water levels the fish are all concentrated in the warm water and its almost like fishing in a barrel. One day my friend caught 51 fish in 51 consecutive casts. We have had a few great days fly-fishing where we caught several hundred fish apiece,  returning home every night with sore wrists and serious bass thumb and other assorted lacerations from gar and pike. Consequently, most of my time has been spent fishing and the blog has been somewhat neglected.( Hey, I’m only human) Besides, the fishing usually fuels the writing but for some reason, perhaps the creeping onset of middle-age,  there is a certain creative lassitude plaguing me that just can’t be shaken. Or maybe it is a function of laziness, or ultimately preference, which is to fish and not to write, which is always difficult.  At any rate not much other than the photo page has been updated on the site since February, when global warming reared its welcomed head and sprang an early eason upon us, a gift for having endured another cold winter.  Other than fish, I haven’t done much, changed a few lightbulbs, oiled some tables, unplugged a few toilets, read a few books, spent countless hours in the company of my children. It has been both an interesting yet difficult period, for a variety of reasons, owing largely to my belief that it is important for a man to wake up with a purpose each day, other than to catch a big fish, which although not any less important than anything else, should not be a man’s only ambition in life. 

Unless of course they pay you good money to do it. 

The second reason for the lack of updates is the following. The internet,while opening a portal to the world of like minded individuals, for the most part well intentioned, good people, it is also the final frontier of ignorance, fraud, scam, spam, plagiarism, copywright theft and any other digital vice that can be conceived. It is truly the Wild West, the final frontier without any governance .Every day the spammers leave hundreds of impertinent comments (trackbacks) in my moderation box that serve no other purpose than to monetize my traffic and make it east for you to buy more of what they are trying to sell, which in large part has nothing even to do with fishing related products. Not even backlinks to fishing related companies. Bad internet. It also really pisses me off when I find something I have written displayed on another site without consent, worse still when the text has been modified, making me sound like an illiterate mountain man from Arkansas. No matter what type of software you use to protect your content, the spammers and hackers and content thieves are always one step ahead and have enough time to do their damage. You are left with a choice: don’t write anything significant as it will immediately get hijacked onto a hundred other sites. This is a pity as there are preciously few dedicated sites remaining out there that exist solely for the purpose of offering a quality product for free consumption. Since its inception this site has always been about sharing the finest images and stories, dedicated to entertaining anglers, without any ulterior motives. It is all a labour of love, a work of passion. Until now, the blog has taken the form of short fiction depicting some of my adventures. This will not change but the format will take the form of a diary or fishing journal, chronicling the events of the day or maybe even random thoughts about the fishing life. The tone will be less literary, the entries will be shorter, and hopefully it will prove to be just as interesting and insightful.

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