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There was once a world before this and in it lived people who were not of our tribe. But the pillars of the earth collapsed, and all were destroyed. And the world was emptiness. Then two men grew up from a hummock of earth. They were born and fully grown all at once. And they wished to have children. A magic song changed one of them into a woman, and they had children. These were our earliest forefathers, and from them all the lands were peopled.
— Tuglik, Igloolik area, 1922

IT WAS HENRY DAVID THOREAU that remarked that most men fish all their lives without realizing that it was not always fish they were trying to catch. From my own vantage point the act of fishing has always been a combination of several constituent parts, least of all sometimes the fish. The fish are always a big part of it but it has always been more about the journey than the destination, the means and not the end, the places and people, not only the number or size of fish. There are some places and people that we meet along our journey that leave such a deep impression on our souls that they become part of who we are and never far away from our thoughts, despite the great distances of both time and space that often separate us. One such place that has forever imprinted its mark on me is a place called Nunavik – the Inuktituk word for a place to live. Read More »

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